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KMP Workshops

KMP Workshops | Est. 2010
Keri Meyers Photography offers 1:1 and 1:2  NewbornWorkshops in her Anthem, Arizona studio.
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Can’t make it to an in-person workshop? Check out Keri’s Online Newborn Workshop here.
1:1 and 1:2 Two Day Class with three babies
Tuition: $1750 USD per person for 1:2 and $2500 USD per person for 1:1
Attendees: limited to 2 photographers
Registration: $500 USD due to reserve your spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Schedule: will be provided via e-mail
*Guided hands-on posing on day two.*

1:1 and 1:2 One Day Class with two babies
Tuition: $1250 USD per person for 1:2 and $2000 USD per person for 1:1
Attendees: limited to 2 photographers
Registration: $500 USD due to reserve your spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Schedule: will be provided via e-mail
*No hands-on posing with one day class.*

Email to inquire about 1:2 availability… OR if you want to schedule a 1:1.

What’s Included:
KMP’s Complete Newborn Action Set ($45 value)
Gift Certificate to The Shop ($60 value)
Posing & Post Processing Videos to review at home
Workshop Review in PDF form
Keri’s Portrait Contract
Keri’s Newborn Checklist for Parents
Lunch & Snacks
A bag full of goodies and discount cards from Workshop Sponsors – see bottom of page

What We’ll Cover:
I am an open book – I will be sharing with you everything I have learned since starting my business in 2008. Keri’s workshops are a two day comprehensive and intense learning experience with three newborn models (with hands-on posing on Day 2). We will cover camera settings (a good image starts in camera!), my studio lighting set-up and working with studio lights,  white balance and how to get the perfect exposure and best image SOOC. I will show you how to master posing, transitioning, soothing techniques and how to work with parents before, during and after the session. We will dive into post processing and I will show you how I get those creamy skin tones. During our Q&A time together I am an open book, so ask me anything! I want you to leave inspired and ready to take your photography business to the next level.
Not sure the class is for you? Please take a look at our Workshop Reviews from past attendees below. All images that you take during the workshop can be used to build your online portfolio and for marketing purposes if desired.

What you Need:
Basic knowledge of Photoshop (this is not an intro to Photoshop)
You must own a DSLR and KNOW your camera. It is assumed that you are comfortable shooting in manual mode and have a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.
A 35mm or 50mm prime lens is suggested for the session (Keri uses mostly a 35mm with newborns).
A macro lens – Keri uses the 60mm 2.8
You do not need a computer, but are welcome to bring a laptop if you would like to work along side me while I demonstrate post processing.
Attendees will be required to sign a non-compete contract stating that they shall not disclose, share, describe or demonstrate (meaning NO publishing, reproducing, summarizing, paraphrasing, or transmitting, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means) information (including Keri’s lighting techniques, shooting techniques, workflow, posing techniques, action recipes, etc.) received at Keri Meyers Photography Workshops to any third party individual, corporation, or other entity including your blog/website/or forums.

Please note that mentoring sessions and small groups classes are not available for those working or residing within 100 miles of Anthem, Arizona (85086) or those planning on teaching newborn photography classes.

Airport Code: (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Suggested Lodging: Hampton Inn Phoenix/Anthem (walking distance to studio)
42415 N 41st Dr, Anthem, AZ 85086
(623) 465-7979

If you have any questions please e-mail us directly at




“I recently attended a 1:1 workshop with Keri in her studio. I was honestly sulking a bit inside about spending the money on the workshop and all the associated costs of traveling there in the few weeks prior. But learning from Keri proved to be an incredibly valuable and enlightening experience. The workshop was worth every penny. She is a wonderful educator, and put together an excellent workshop that completely exceeded all of my expectations. After day two was over, I found myself in a cathartic moment as I realized that the opportunity to learn from Keri was the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. I was overwhelmingly glad I went – for my business and for myself.

The time I got to spend in Keri’s studio learning from her is invaluable to me. I came back professionally educated on things I didn’t know I needed to learn, with a mentor who is an excellent teacher and all around good person.”

Anne Herbert
Anne Herbert Photography 
Hartford County, Maryland

“Let me start by saying that attending Keri’s workshop was one of the BEST decisions that I’ve made for my business yet.  Here’s my story…When I first saw that Keri was coming to OH, I was first of all shocked that she was going to be an hour from me, and also really excited that I could go to one of her workshops if I wanted to!!  My second thought was, “do I really need to spend that much on training?”  I felt my newborn photos were pretty good (NOT nearly as good as Keri’s photos), but my clients seem to like my work, so I didn’t know what I should do.  I had taught myself everything that I knew up to that point & hadn’t ever done anything formal like a workshop or schooling.  After talking to my family, I decided to just go for it!  I was really excited to see what I would learn at the workshop.  The minute I walked in Keri gave me a hug and showed me to the table to pick out some goodies from the AMAZING vendors that support her workshops.  Right away, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience.  She went over pretty much everything she does from talking to parents to post processing.  It was SO helpful hearing what she did and then trying it myself.  Keri is the most down to earth, sweet, sincere, and humble person!  I cannot speak more highly of her.  The entire day she was there supporting us and telling her everything she was doing to get the shot the way she wanted.  I learned so much just watching her and how she liked her shot, and then I was able to take a turn doing the exact thing that she was doing.

After our models came in, we went over editing and the process she uses to get the unique look she gets.  It was so eye opening to see her process.  It was very simple and very effective.  It was SO helpful to see first hand what she does to her photos from the settings she uses, to the angles she shoots, to the way she processes.  When I got into my car to drive home I just started crying because I just felt so encouraged and so energized by what I learned. I knew at that moment that my business and photos would never be the same. I also knew that the workshop experience would be a milestone in my journey and I was just so emotional seeing where it was going.
Going to Keri’s workshop not only was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business, it also sent me out with confidence knowing exactly what I need to do each and every time I have a newborn session. Keri was an open book the entire day and remains available to us for questions. I will forever speak highly of Keri as a person and as a photographer!!”

Kimmy Howard
Kimmy Howard Photography
Columbus, OH

“Keri was super nice and answered any and all of our questions very honestly. She filled us in on the posing, the setups, the best way to prepare your studio, yourself, and the parents (gave me some tips I never even thought of). It was an amazing experience and I can already tell from my first solo session since returning that it changed my newborn photography for the absolute better.”

Kansas Pitts
Kansas Pitts Photography
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Prior to Keri’s workshop, I’d been doing photography part time for about a year and had been a huge fan of Keri’s work for just as long. I could see how much I had grown in a year – I spent a large majority of my free time reading, studying, and doing whatever I could to learn. And I could see it was paying off, but I knew I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. Over the course of that year, I also found myself being drawn to newborn sessions. When I learned that Keri was doing a workshop in Houston, there was no question – I would be there. I registered and literally started counting down the days. Needless to say I was so excited! Seriously – when I say I was a fan – I’m talking the dorky kind – like when I met her my inner monologue was all, “ohmygod it’s Keri – ohmygod – stay cool, jones, stay cool” See – total dork. But she was so sweet and helpful from the moment I walked in the door. Within 10 minutes I knew I had already gotten my moneys worth and then some. She was so open and answered any question we had. She not only showed us how she does what she does, but also showed us how to use the proper tools to get the best image in-camera. And this girl knows her stuff, she’s not just someone who knows how to take a picture – she knows her camera inside and out and is more than willing to share the “whys” behind every setting. And holy mother of white balance – geez! Up until the workshop it had been my nemesis – well it took Keri all of 10 seconds to fix that. There were many ah-ha moments, but after struggling with white balance for so long I can say that my greatest ah-ha moment was getting white balance right, and I seriously wanted to give her an HR appropriate hug for that.

She taught me more in one day than I had learned on my own in a year. The difference in my work was noticeable overnight. My post-processing time has been cut in half, if not more. I have seen the time I spend on newborn sessions reduced as well, as the sessions are just so much smoother.

My advice to others considering Keri’s workshop – just do it. You won’t regret it. I promise. Keri’s workshop made me fall in love with newborn photography even more, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazingness so others can learn.”

Jenni Jones
Jenni Jones Photography
Austin, Texas

“After a year of slowly diving into Newborn Photography (after doing weddings, seniors, families, etc) I realized two things. 1) THIS is where I am supposed to be in photography and 2) I’m not nearly as skilled as I need to be to advertise my newest passion. After attending Keri’s workshop my photography improved more in one day than it had in the year previous despite the fact that I had several local mentors aiding me throughout. Keri is kind, open, informative, and more than I could have hoped for in a teacher. If you need your newborn photography to be bumped up to the next level I highly recommend Keri’s workshop. WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

DeShawna Willis
Echo Photoworks
Edmond, OK

“Choosing a newborn workshop is no easy task. You hear so many mixed comments about the end result. Some say, they learn so much, others say they did not learn anything. Since the best workshops are well over $1000, it is very important to choose the one that you will learn the most. I admit, I was nervous about how much I would learn from Keri’s workshop. I was a little more advanced for a workshop attendee but still had some things I definitely needed to learn and perfect. I was nervous that Keri would not be the right match for my needs.

But Keri knocked it out of the park. I was blown away by everything I learned. Keri and I have different styles of newborn photography, which I think is great because I feel its so important to learn from so many different people with different styles and subjects. One of the things I asked her to attempt was a hanging pose without the bar. This is not her normal hanging pose, but she did it. She covered camera settings, lighting, posing, workflow, photoshop – you name it. She talked about everything from the moment the client calls to the day they receive their prints.

My newborn photography took a huge leap forward after this workshop. I will NEVER forget who taught me and taught me well. I learned from the best and I am eternally grateful.”

Jennie Pyfferoen
Jennie Pyfferoen Photography
Nashville, TN

“My main focus in photography has been on weddings, but married people usually have babies and I want to meet them…so…I tried a couple newborn shoots and I realized I was clueless on how to handle babies, which kind of worried me because I own a baby! I started to question myself!
One of my photographer friends who lives in Phoenix messaged me and told me about Keri’s workshop and said she was coming to town. I told myself it was meant to be because it was scheduled 2 days before my birthday!! Happy Birthday to meeeee! I signed up without hesitation.
After waiting about 8 months or so, the day had arrived. Honestly as excited as I was, I told myself not to go overboard because I have been to other workshops and I sadly left disappointed. The morning of, I woke up at 4:30am, grabbed a Monster energy drink and drove about 3 hours. Let’s just say I was FAR from disappointed. Keri was so generous with sharing her knowledge and experiences. I have nicknamed her Keri Meyers Magic Hands! One of the many things I learned was that I need to have more patience and persistence! I still have hope! I have taken so many things from Keri and I am overjoyed that I treated myself to this workshop. The best part about it (for brain-dead mommies like myself) is that she sends you home with everything she discussed on a CD! Im so very thankful Keri, thank you so much for all you have taught me! I just treated myself again to some new props etc. and I can’t wait to practice!”

Jen Hoffman
Jen Hoffman Photography

“Keri’s workshop was a tremendous experience. I’ve always felt that it’s the little details that separate a good newborn image from a great one; Keri is a master at detail. Her workshop was everything I hoped it would be, and to my pleasant surprise, far surpassed my every expectation. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her demeanor is so welcoming and we all know her images speak for themselves and she is so happy to share what goes into every one of them. I’ve had a couple of newborn sessions since I attended the workshop and not only do I feel I have so many more tools in terms of soothing tricks, posing techniques and in what order to attempt every pose, I have a much higher confidence level. I think Keri’s workshop is evident in the details of my recent images, which is exactly what I hoping for! I’m thrilled I attended and would recommend her workshop in a heartbeat!!”

Erin Scott
Erin L. Scott Photography
Northern Virginia

“In a word – AMAZING! Keri is so talented, I am thrilled I was able to learn from her. Everything about her workflow and process makes so much sense! She has such a gift for creating beautiful and timeless images, you can tell she has worked hard to hone her skills. Her one day class changed my newborn photography process entirely! I’m really excited to see how this class improves my business going forward!!”

Christina McKinney
Christina McKinney Photography
Houston, TX

“This past November (2011) I had the opportunity to attend one of her 1:1 mentoring workshops in her studio in Duvall (which is also in a very beautiful part of the country!) I had been working with newborns for about 2 years or so and really wanted to take my work to the next level. After much research and consideration of all the newborn workshops out there I felt that Kari’s consistent work and her description of her 1:1 mentoring workshop was exactly what I needed. It was wonderful to be able to work with her and watch for 2 days. The first day was really watching how she works sessions – from her planning, to her settings, handling parents and then of course the baby! She teaches more then just poses – she also teaches you a lot more about your camera and the importance of getting it correct in the camera not photoshop – such a key in streamlining and making your work more efficient – (meaning more time with family less in front of the computer!). The second day was super exciting as she hands it over to you to plan and then work with the baby with her guidance. With a 1:1 I was able to focus on the poses and techniques that I wanted to use for my business! Keri is also a very open and kind person who will answer all your questions no matter how silly they may sound or feel. It was the best money I spent in 2011! I would recommend Keri to anyone who is interested in newborn photography!”

Jen Taylor
Jen Taylor Photography
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I have to start by saying how amazing and incredibly sweet Keri is in person. She was very thorough and explained each step and the reasoning behind what she does as we went through the workshop. Keri was very encouraging and hands on as each participant got a chance to photograph the models. This was key for me because she helped me to see the setup in a new way and my resulting images are so completely different (and better!) than how I’ve previously photographed newborns. I’ve long been a fan of her work and I feel lucky to have witnessed her in action as well as learn from her. I’ve got several newborn sessions scheduled over the next couple of months and I can’t wait to try the tips and techniques Keri taught during my workshop!!”

Amy Schilling
Amy Schilling Photography
Baytown, Texas

“When I signed up to host Keri’s workshop, it was a dream come true! Keri is an amazing photographer and super talented. I love her patience with each and every newborn.. Loved watching the mommies say WOW how did she just do that! Keri sure is a natural when it comes to teaching! I can’t wait for my next newborn session, Keri definetely showed us a ton of tips and tricks:) I know for sure I will be a better newborn photographer now! Thanks Keri! If anyone is considering attending or hosting her workshop, do it! You will experience an amazing workshop!!!”

Jennifer Haas
Jennifer Haas Photography
Thibodaux, LA

“I was so excited to learn that Keri Meyers was coming to Red Deer. For years I have been admiring her work, so flawless and elegant. I got to watch her in action with the babies and take in her soothing techniques. Learning how to prep that baby before the session, sets up for a better session and Keri provided that all to us. I loved how she shared everything, holding nothing back. We learned how to communicate with the parents ahead of time all the way to the final edit and presentation. I have attended three newborn workshops in the past, and Keri by far was the most informative workshop. Plus Keri is a great person to know as well, thank you for the experience.”

Jennifer Donnelly
Donnelly Photography
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“I was honored to be given the opportunity to host Keri for her Durham, NC workshop. I had been looking at workshops for a while because I knew there was something missing from my newborn work. It was immediately evident from the moment we started planning that Keri pours everything into these workshops and is a very genuine person. Keri is beyond gracious – she happily shares every detail, tip, tactic and trick that she has learned from her experience.

Everything you need is covered – how to prepare parents, how to prepare your space, how to plan for the shoot, lighting, camera settings, setup, shooting flow, posing, post-processing, pricing. She is an open book. She happily answers questions, explains in detail what she is doing, and goes over the camera settings for each shot.

The biggest thing I hoped to gain from the workshop was posing tips and session flow. I studied Keri, asked tons of questions, and really watched what she was doing. If I could offer advice to anyone taking her workshop in the future, it would be to make sure that aside from photographing her setups that you spend time really watching her and taking notes on what she is doing. It is easy to get so wrapped up in taking pictures that you forget to really absorb what she is sharing – and she is sharing a lot. She takes the time to explain where each part of the baby should be in each pose, where to put things under the blanket, how to get the best light and covered the transition between poses.

I knew I learned a lot by watching Keri, but the real value of the workshop was tested when I did my first newborn after the workshop. It was a world of difference and I was really able to take my newborn photography to the next level. The prep I learned really helped make the session one of my best yet. Using what I learned, I was able to keep the baby asleep, transition between poses and nail those poses that had eluded me before.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have hosted Keri and for all I have learned from her. Besides the value of the workshop, I have also made a friend. Truly one of the things that impressed me the most was how open, kind and genuine she was – easy to talk to and she immediately makes you comfortable.

Thanks so much, Keri!”

Christina Evans
Christina Evans Photography
Greensboro, North Carolina

“I basically just love Keri! She was friendly, nice, courteous, and incredibly helpful. It seemed important to her that everyone learn the information she was sharing. She checked our pictures individually and gave us tips, pointers, and corrections. She was great at explaining what she was doing and why she was doing it. I learned a lot about how to get things right in the camera to save time editing later. It was also awesome to see her post processing in action.
My only wish would have been to have more time on the editing information. We had some not so cooperative babies, which is just the way things go. Even though we couldn’t get some poses, Keri still showed us how to get them and how to edit them. I am also so excited to get into the CD with all of the information from the workshop. The CD helps me feel like I’ll be able to review all we did go over and learn anything we didn’t get to go over. Keri has covered all of the bases to make sure that each participant gets the same information.
Thank you, Keri!!”

Jessica Erickson
Jessica Erickson Photography

“I absolutely loved working with Keri at her Red Deer workshop! My sister-in-law and I had originally planned to go to the states to attend a workshop, but before we had anything finalized, we found out she was coming to Canada!! I jumped at the chance to learn from her! You can see just by looking at her images that she loves what she does. Her workshop was incredibly informative, and helped me take my newborn photography to a whole new level. We are now considering, someday, doing a smaller one on one workshop to learn even more. Keri took time to answer all of our questions, and by far exceeded my expectations of what a newborn workshop would be! Thanks Keri!!!”

Lesley Schamehorn
Freckle Face Photography
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“I can’t say enough about my experience at the Phoenix workshop. Keri taught me more than settings and exposure. She inspired me to be MY most creative self and set no boundaries with my own photography. The tips and tricks were so helpful and the AWW-HA moments (that’s how she does that!!) blew me away. I will be forever grateful for all the wisdom that was shared by Keri and the inspiration I left with.”

Malia Battilana
Malia B Photography
Phoenix, Arizona

“I loved everything about the workshop experience, but I think what put me at awe was how she worked with the babies! The babies were never upset and she was so patient while working on perfecting their little details (hand/feet position, etc). After the workshop my confidence increased and with every shoot, my newborn photos get better and better 🙂 It feels good to also tell moms that I was trained by a real professional and that I just didnt watch YouTube entries. Keri didnt hold anything back, from taking us through her workflow to ending with her post processing techniques 🙂 Its well worth the money, and I’d love to go again just because it was such a great experience! The best investiment you can make for your newborn photography career!”

Sheri O’Connor
Edge Photography
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“I just got back from a 2 day mentoring session with the fabulous Keri Meyers. And all I can say is A.MA.ZING! She is so laid back, so much fun to work with, a fabulous teacher (so patient and will go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect) and an amazing talent! I can’t believe all of the things I learned! She didn’t hold back on anything…answered every single question, covered settings, lighting, posing, props, vendors, post processing, working with the parents, communication with the parents and so much more. This mentoring was money well spent! I not only gained knowledge, I gained a great friend! I know this information is going to do amazing things for my business!!! Anyone considering going to her mentoring or workshop should definitely go! You won’t be disappointed!”

Erin Carlyle
Erin Carlyle Photography
Houston, Texas

“I’ve never met a photographer quite like Keri. She’s one-of-a-kind, sweet, so down-to-earth and calm-natured,. I’ve been wanting to do a workshop for about a year now, and what Keri offered was exactly what I needed. My business focuses on families, children, expecting mothers and newborns. Newborns was the category that I needed to boost my skill level with most. I walked away with techniques that benefited newborns, as well as lighting, camera settings and Photoshop techniques that I will be able to use across the board. For me, the 1:2 session fit my needs perfectly, as I desired more devoted time with her than a workshop would be able to offer, especially with a newborn. Our baby model slept nearly 4 hours, and I was blown away with how easily Keri was able to calm the baby and pose her so effortlessly. Our mentoring session was perfect – I walked away with every topic covered and every question answered. She truly has a superior gift, and I’m thankful I was able to spend a day with her. Thank you Keri!!”

Christie Brown
Christie Brown Photography
San Francisco, CA

“I had been looking forward to this workshop with Keri Meyers for several months. And it was actually better than I even imagined! I met several wonderful woman and left that workshop with so much knowledge and confidence! Keri is a wonderful person and a great teacher!! I am more than thankful I signed up for this workshop and would even love to attend another with Keri. 🙂  I can’t thank her enough for all she taught me!”

Jennifer Williams
Delicate Details Photography
Toccoa, GA

“Keri’s 1:1 workshop was just the jolt of confidence and experience I needed! It was stretch for me financially, but well worth it. I knew that if I wanted to make newborn photography a priority I would have to invest in a workshop with an industry leader. Keri’s workshop fit the bill. In one day we covered posing, lighting, props, and Photoshop tips. Keri was easy to work with and easy to understand. She used to be a school teacher, so teaching comes naturally to her. Now I’m ready to conquer my market! Thanks Keri!”

Kristen Staples
Koru Photography
Aldie, VA

“I recently attended one of Keri Meyers’ workshops, and let me tell you – its worth the money! She is so lovely, and down to earth, and really everything you would think she would be.

On my way to the workshop that first day I felt like I was going to meet a celebrity because I have followed her blog for so long, lol! I can’t put into words what the experience did for me. I’m a newbie to the photography business, and this really gave me the confidence boost that I needed. She goes over everything from camera settings, to props/posing instruction to post processing and everything in between. You leave there feeling like you’re saying goodbye to an old friend, not someone you met 2 days ago. I was also very impressed with how encouraging she was after the workshop was over, and we had the chance to edit some of the photos we had taken. They may not be quite as flawless as her final product, but she sure makes you feel like they are. All in all, a fantastic investment in yourself and your company. A+!”

Lori MacIntyre
Lori MacIntyre Photography
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

” The Keri Meyers Workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Keri’s warm spirit and giving personality made the experience relaxed and enjoyable. Coming into the workshop I was hoping to learn better techniques for managing a newborn session from beginning to end. I got exactly what I hoped for. From dealing with fussy parents to fussy babies and post processing, Keri covered her entire process. The workshop size was just right and allowed each photographer the time with each model. I met amazing photographers and came away with lasting relationships as well as great bonus gifts. Thanks again to Keri for bringing clarity to the process and for sharing her gifts.”

Heather Caudill
Photography by Heather Ann
Charlotte, North Carolina

“I recently attended a 2 day workshop with Keri Meyers at her Duvall studio. I was a little apprehensive about taking a newborn photography workshop since I felt pretty comfortable with my newborn work already but decided to go ahead and take the plunge. Keri has absolutely beautiful work and it sounded like a lot of fun. I have to tell you, it was totally worth it. She was very welcoming and extremely open. She went over camera settings, light, newborn posing, session flow, post processing, tips on how to interact with the parents, soothing the baby, etc. It was nice to see that I had a good handle on what I was currently doing with my own sessions and I also learned new ways to do certain things that I was struggling with. On the first day, we watched Keri pose the newborns and she talked about why she did certain poses in a certain order which helped me tremendously. On the second day, we were broken up into teams and were able to pick hats, props and blankets and pose the baby ourselves. Keri was very open to any of our questions and I left there literally feeling like I had known her for years. I would honestly recommend her workshop to all photographers who want to specialize in newborns. As long as you have a good grasp of how to use your camera, you will benefit from this workshop. Even photographers who are comfortable with their newborn work will learn new things. I walked away from this workshop very happy and feeling even more confident in my abilities. And I made some great new photographer friends as well :)

Thanks for everything Keri! I had a blast!”

Amanda Leatherberry
Amanda Leatherberryy Photography
Pensacola, FL

“I recently flew cross country to take Keri Meyer’s Workshop and it was worth every penny! Not only is Keri’s gentle nature very approachable, she is an open book. She is willing to share all of her tips and tricks and sincerely wants to help each student grow as a photographer. I just had my post-Keri Workshop newborn session and WOW… what a difference! I am so pleased with how the session went and how easily I was able to transition the newborn from one pose to another (techniques learned from Keri). I estimate that I will triple my business this year thanks to Keri’s Workshop. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in newborn photography… even if you have been photographing newborns for years.”

Carrie Gantt
Carrie Gantt Photography
Atlanta, GA

“I had already been photographing newborns for almost a year when I attended the workshop with Keri. I felt fairly confident in what I was doing but have been completely self taught so I was interested in seeing a different perspective and getting extra ideas or tips to help make my job easier. I got just that! I was able to come away with reassurance of what I was doing and new skills to improve my practices and workflow. I feel like my work has improved so much since the workshop. Keri is truly on of the most kind and sincere people I have ever met! She answered all my questions without hesitation. I highly recommend investing in a workshop or mentoring session with Keri, you won’t regret it!”

April Cooper
April Cooper Photography
Bakersfield, CA

“I had the extreme honor and pleasure of 1:1 Newborn Mentoring with Keri Meyers.  I was not only a great investment in my photography business but an amazing experience.  On the day of my mentoring session I arrived at Keri’s studio where we began the day going over her business, camera settings and preparation techniques.  Keri took the time to answer my questions and share her wealth of experience and knowledge in a way that directly applied to my photography business.  Upon arrival of the newborn model I was able to observe Keri in action.  It was amazing to watch how patient and meticulous Keri was while soothing and posing the newborn.  She spent as much time as was necessary to achieve the perfect pose down to the last little fingers and toes.  I was given the opportunity to photograph the newborn from my perspective (photos I could take with me and use for my own portfolio).  Up until the mentoring session I was reluctant to shoot RAW but with Keri’s prompting and encouragement I was able to overcome that fear.  I utilized the mentoring session to familiarize myself with the newfound knowledge and have since shot all my photography RAW.  Keri opened up a whole new world of photography for me.  Her entire process flowed flawlessly from beginning to end.  A full three hours were spent on the newborn photography session after which Keri shared her editing work flow with me.  She taught me how to use her actions and tutorials in Photoshop as well as sharing a few tricks I did not know (though I thought myself relatively proficient in Photoshop).  Keri was so open to sharing with the sincere hope of helping me succeed (as I assume is true for all that mentor with her).  I am so impressed with her willingness to share in a day and age when people look out only for themselves and often share nothing.  Keri is a teacher at heart as well as a brilliant and talented photographer.  I can honestly say that I walked away from my mentoring experience with more knowledge and confidence as a photographer.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to mentor with Keri Meyers and highly recommend her mentoring sessions to any photographer hoping to learn newborn photography.  Keri has a gift…one she is willing to share and for that I am grateful!”

Heather Hughes
Elements Photography
Rochester, WA

“To begin, I should say I went back and forth many times on whether to take the plunge and take Keri’s workshop. I really started finding my niche with newborns this past year and knew I wanted those beautifully posed images but I was hesitant about the cost of the workshops I was seeing. I knew I had so much to learn, that seeing it from someone else’s perspective was what I needed. If anything, just some reassurance that I was doing something right. When I realized that this would be an investment to better improve my business, the search was on. I read, I researched, I studied all the photographer’s images, but it was Keri’s website that I kept coming back too. When I saw the workshop coming to my state, I got so excited…it was meant to be! But then was bummed when I saw it was full. I emailed anyway, asking to be put on the wait list. I continued focusing on my newborns, investing in props, blankets, studying what I could from other photographer’s tips. I had it down pretty good I thought when I received the email from Keri a few months later, telling me a spot had opened up. I was so excited, I didn’t think twice and emailed, Yes sign me up! Then after the deposit was made, I started second-guessing my decision. I wanted to do it so badly, but it was hard reasoning spending the money to do it. Plus, quite honestly, spending a day with a bunch of people I didn’t know would really put me out of my comfort zone. But, after talking it over with my husband, I decided to just do it, take the plunge, see what I could learn. I knew if anything, it would be valuable to interact with other photographers, and see firsthand Keri in action. Now, after having taken the workshop, I can whole-heartedly report that it was worth every penny, I have absolutely no regrets! Keri is completely down to earth, so open and truly willing to share her knowledge. I learned easier ways to set-up, found ways to tweak the poses I was already doing, and the Photoshop info is priceless. That alone has taken my images to another level. Opening myself up to meet and get to know other photographers was a great experience too. I realized how much we all related, and how nice it was to have conversations with people who know what it’s like trying to make it in the photography business. Since the workshop, my newborn business has increased, and I’m now booking well in advance for expecting mommies wanting a newborn session. I will always be grateful for this opportunity to work with Keri. She rocks and you will not regret this investment.”

Dana Cochran
Dana Cochran Photography
Bryson City, NC

“I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop with Keri Meyers at her Duvall Studio. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt welcomed. Keri exudes patience, and has a calming presence. I learned so much in the 2 days in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Keri is completely open and forth-coming with sharing her knowledge and experience. All of my questions were answered completely. I already have seen an improvement in my work, and I can’t wait to grow more with the knowledge and skills that I learned with Keri. This experience was worth every penny paid, and then some!”

Kim Moffit-Tsui
Kim Tsui Photography
San Bruno, CA

“I loved this workshop! Working with Keri was wonderful. She took her time and made sure all questions were answered. I believe it was well worth the money. My photography business is in the infant stage and I believe Keri helped me to achieve what is needed to move forward. I can’t wait to put what I learned into play!

Thank you so much for everything!”

Kellei Martin
Talent, OR

“I had such a great time at Keri’s workshop. She is truly a talented newborn photographer as well as a fantastic teacher and an all around kind person. Throughout the workshop she explained everything in detail including: camera settings, posing, lighting etc. She was very open and answered everyone’s questions thoroughly and honestly. After attending this workshop my skill level and my confidence in my photographic abilities have improved immensely. I am so happy I attended this workshop and I would recommend it to any photographer who would like to learn more about newborn photography. Thank you Keri!”

Nicole Kirk
Toronto, Ontario Canada

“In December, I had the awesome opportunity to attend a mentoring session with Keri Meyers. Months before meeting Keri, I followed her blog and was amazed by her work and how she could pose newborns in such a natural yet beautiful way. The most impacting part of the mentoring day was watching Keri in action with our newborn model. Observing her techniques in calming the baby and her patience and perfection in posing our model were so key in learning how to make my newborn sessions more successful. She also helped me with my camera settings, learning to accurately shoot in camera, avoiding a lot less time and headaches in Photoshop later. Keri is an incredible listener and teacher, and I would recommend her mentoring sessions to anyone just starting out or who currently works with newborns. Being able to observe and work along side of her for a day is priceless, something you can’t get from just reading a book or watching a tutorial.”

Becca of BJF Photography, Lancaster, PA

“When I signed up for Keri’s mentoring session I was really excited, but I had no idea what to expect. Keri was so welcoming and easy to talk to. She was patient and I felt she truly cared that I took something away from the session. When I came home and put my new skills into practice I was beyond excited. Thanks to Keri, I now feel totally prepared and confident about all of my newborn sessions. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she’s also an amazing teacher. Hands down, the best money I’ve spent since I started pursuing photography.”

Kelly Allan, 7 Safaris Photography, Yakima, WA

“I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of taking Keri Meyers 1:1 mentoring session in 2010. I found that her mentoring style was far more effective than a group setting. Keri took the time to review shots from each pose and give specific instructions on what I could do to make the image a little better. All the while, Keri focused on keeping to my style of photography and not necessarily copying her style pose for pose, shot for shot. She gave PLENTY of time to warm up and get to know her, become comfortable with asking questions and gave a lot of insight on what she does to prepare for newborns to show up in studio. All of her goodies were sent to my email BEFORE the workshop, which allowed for questions while face-to-face.

I would highly recommend Keri as a mentor to anyone at any level of newborn photography. She has such a wonderful, delightful, sharing and caring demeanor. I really cannot say enough good things about Keri as a person or as a mentor. I feel very honored to have been taught by her. I saw a significant improvement in not only my work but in my confidence as a newborn photographer immediately afterwards. As I was leaving Keri’s workshop, I felt enthused and rejuvenated. I felt that I really could do this, that newborn photography was still in the cards for me.”

Nicole White
Nicole White Photography
Portland, Oregon

“My 1:1 Newborn Mentoring Workshop with Keri Meyers exceeded every expectation.  Keri was gracious from the moment I arrived. She generously shared her knowledge in newborn posing, post processing and offered a wealth of information that helped me create a stronger photography business.  Keri is an excellent teacher.  She naturally leads by example and is a wonderful role model.  Keri’s love for newborn photography, coupled with her incredible teaching ability, made my Mentoring Workshop experience invaluable!  I would highly recommend a Newborn Mentoring Workshop with Keri Meyers!”

Jennifer Morrow, Jennifer Morrow Photography, Bellingham, WA

“Before coming to Keri, I had one newborn shoot under my belt and it did not go well! I had no idea what I was doing. Today, I am so grateful for my experience with Keri. I left with so much knowledge and most importantly the confidence and skill I needed to do my next newborn session. Keri is not only an amazing photographer but she’s also a really great teacher; she walks you through her reasoning for everything she does so that you fully understand what’s going on and why. My very first newborn session after seeing Keri went incredibly smooth. There are a lot of little tricks to learn and you just won’t get that experience from a video. Hands-on training with Keri is definitely the best way to become a better newborn photographer.”

Sarah Mills, Sarah Mills Photography, Mountain House, CA

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